Natoon Asset Management and Marketing, of the Natoon Group, provides asset management and operation services in order to create a quality experience in office buildings and a holistic residence experience in luxury towers.

The company was established in 1998, and currently manages tens of sites across Israel, spread over an area of more than one million square kilometers, including office buildings, commercial areas, and luxury residences in Israel’s leading projects.


Natoon Management, whose motive is to manage assets while keeping the core values and creating significant added value to the asset owners, incorporates in selected projects from the planning stage, through its construction and population, and throughout the asset’s activity years.

The company’s vast and varied experience in asset management, while paying careful attention to developing trends in the field, guarantee our clients advantages, including correct adaptation and training of human capital and ensuring transparency and reliability which are the foundation of the company’s values. We believe that planning and good management are an asset to every project – from its creation and until its proper and successful management.

Asset Management Services

The company provides the following management services, out of a holistic thought of the needs of the asset and its owners:

  • Representing the tenants on any subject related to the asset’s joint properties.
  • Tight and fruitful cooperation with the tenant’s representation.
  • Professional and transparent financial management.
  • Responsibility of collection and bank account management.
  • Management and maintenance of the public areas and all joint systems.
  • Enforcing building procedures/ regulations, adapted to the asset’s changing needs.
  • Creating work plans, as well as suggestions for reorganization and improvements in existing assets.
  • Professional supervision and management of different suppliers and service providers.
  • Creating annual/ quarterly work plans on the basis of changing needs and their urgency.

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